American life. The first month

We live in Miami one month. How fast it rans:) Honestly, I can not believe. I always think that America is some kind of completely different world, but it turned out that everything is almost the same as everywhere else 🙂

Of course, like every country, there are plus and minus. And I understood that perfectly. But generally speaking, I like to be here. Warm, beautiful, comfortable, clean but when compared with Ukraine, it is expensive 🙂

In this article I want to answer the questions that I often get from you and tell you about the organizational aspects of our life in America.

To begin with, even in Ukraine, we thought about staying here for half a year. We received a tourist visa for 10 years. If someone has not read, here is an article on this topic:

How to we get USA visa

According to the rules, we can stay in the United States for 6 months, unless you are given another when entering the country. We have a stamp in our passport until July 19th. This stamp at the entrance to the country puts the visa officer and you never know what date there will be. Thats why, we didn’t really plan anything, but as I said above, we thought about staying longer.

When we made the final decision to stay for half a year, we started looking for an apartment, kindergarten, car and all other stuff. I’ll tell you about everything in order.


We are lucky, we have a lot of friends here who helped us. The first 2 weeks we lived in my friend’s apartment. Actually, we planned to stay with her for a week, but we did not take into account that the confirmation from the building you have to wait for about 2 weeks.

In order to rent an apartment in Miami for a long time (more than a month, but less than a year), you will have to really try 🙂 No, of course you can rent an apartment on Airbnb and pay monthly, but it will cost you about $ 1000-2000 more (per month!) than for a longer period.

The worst apartment on Airbnb cost from $ 3,000 per month and this is a one-bedroom apartment. We are renting a penthouse with 2 bedrooms, overlooking the ocean and the canal, in the Avantgarde condo for 2500 per month. And believe me, this is a very good price for such an apartment.

If you have not watched my video about the differences between America, I advise you to see. I showed there our building and apartment.

At first we wanted to rent it for 4 months, but the owner allowed at least 5 months. And as we did not find anything even closely resembling this proposal (the rest were either from 6 months, or at 3500), we agreed.

In our apartment:

2 bedrooms, a kitchen and living room, two bathrooms and a wardrobe rome.

On the territory of the building:

Swimming pool, tennis court, gym, room with billiards, table tennis and library.

When you rent an apartment you need to provide a lot of different documents confirming that you can pay for it. And this is not counting the fact that at the beginning you pay more than half – the first month, the last one and the deposit (the cost of one month), which returns to you within 2 weeks after you leave.
Usually, you still need to pay a deposit to the building association — about $ 1,000, which also returns to you, plus a one-time cleaning fee. We were lucky, the owner of the apartment paid the deposit by himself.


We rented a Dodge Avenger. It costs $650 per month with insurance (and it is more expensive than a car 🙂


Kindergarten is not a cheap pleasure here. We pay $1300 per month. There are many Russian kindergartens. And as far as I know, they are a more expensive than the Americans. But there are no free kindergartens, only schools.

Eva goes to a Russian kindergarten for two reasons:

  • We did not want to injure Eva, immediately giving it to the kindergarten where she does not understand anyone.
  • Meal in Russian kindergartens is much better. I can not say that is it perfect, but still they don’t feed children burgers and french fries.

We go to Artec Academy. I also know that Sunshine and Montessori are good one.

In Eva’s group is about 20 children and there are 2 kindergartener: Russian-speaking and English-speaking. And half of the kids speak only English, and I think this is a plus 🙂

In order to get to the kindergarten the child needs a certificate from the doctor and an immunization list (vaccinations). Since we have not done any vaccinations I went to the Health of Department and took Exemption from Immunization.
With such documents, no problems are taken to kindergartens and schools, and getting it done is not difficult and takes about 10 minutes.

Thats all 🙂 If you have any questions please ask.

In general, It’s so good in Miami. There is always a good weather, warm ocean, beautiful beaches and a lot of entertainment, but the humidity is so high. And this is only February, I can not even imagine what will happen in June 🙂

Have you been to America? Want to go?

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