Model Tests 📸 What is this?

Today I want to talk to you on a model topic and tell you what model tests are and how to do them.

Model tests (model test) is a “test” of the model.

Model tests are photographs that maximize the merits of the model’s exterior and reveal its professional abilities.

The agent is well aware that the model’s career depends on the first tests.

If the photographer sees, finds the exact image and mood, feels its possibilities and will be able to show them, the model will quickly become popular and marketable.

The first photographer is very important for the model, he can both promote the model with his beautiful pictures, and vice versa, discourage any desire to start his way in this business.

The test is considered successful if the photographer and the stylist managed to take three complete images (look) and take 10 photos.

Make-up natural and minimal.

There is nothing superfluous in the frame.

Things that are “not tied to any time and style” are optimal for the test. Style-making clothes and shoes discipline the body and drive it into a rigid framework, dictate its conditions.

Clothing for shooting tests is better to choose easier.

No bright accessories.

Chains, bracelets and earrings will greatly interfere and it is better to abandon them altogether.

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