Portrait. Rules for a good photo

We have already accustomed here and I decided to continue my rubrics: photoposing and ideas for cool photos. Today I want to tell you the rules of a good portrait and show examples that I liked.

For beautiful portrait photo you need:

Beautiful makeup and hairstyle.

Since there will be nothing more on the photo except for your face, you need to try to make it look perfect: even tone, beautiful makeup, beautiful styling. You can focus on the lips (bright lipstick) or on the eyes.

Accessories 😎

If you add some accessories to your beautiful face, it will be even cooler: massive earrings, rings, watches, glasses, cap (see examples). All this will add style to your photo.

Good light

And this is a must! Portrait in poor light is better not to shoot. When there are shadows on your face, it can spoil not only the photo, but your view on it. Exception: playing with light (see example)

Emotions 😜

And the most important thing that should be in a portrait photo is emotions. Joy, sadness, happiness,confusion, sexy look – without them photo will be very boring and not interesting. Emotions overwhelm me in this photo :)) Even over the top:))

What else can you add? What else will be interesting about photoposing?

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