How to make snaps? Rules of model snapshot.

Snapshots (snapshots, snaps) are a set of snapshots in the necessary angles, made according to a certain general standard, designed to show the appearance of the model, real data and not embellishing it.

Fundamental rules:

1. Take a photo without makeup.

2. Clothes – monophonic lingerie or swimsuit (preferably black)

3. High heels

4. Snapshots are made with flowing hair and with collected hair, with a smile and without.

5. Photos – portrait (waist-high), full-length (front, rear, left / right profile, three quarters).

6. Necessarily – a good light

7. No retouching allowed!

See more in my video (in Russian):

Подробнее смотрите в моем видео:


P.S. Еще больше информации о модельном бизнесе в моем телеграмм канале “Model Life”.

  1. Катя

    23 September

    Здравствуйте, не совсем я поняла как это?

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