Summer photo ideas

Today I decided to make for you a selection of beach/summer/vacation photos 👙🌊

What is important for summer photos:

1. A lot of swimsuits ☺️

2. Many accessories (glasses, kerchiefs, bandana, hats, jewelry, bags)

3. Filters 🙂

4. And of course, the sea or ocean 🌊 😄

The beauty of this photos is that you can be without makeup, with disheveled hair, but still this atmosphere make photos incredible.

And the most important, enjoy the process and have fun ☺️ You’re on the vacation 😘⠀

Do you like this rubric?

By the way, I found a lot more so to be continued 🤗

  1. Катя

    22 September

    Здравствуйте, не совсем я поняла как это?

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