About me


My name is Natali Gaidysh. I am a professional model, a blogger, Mrs. Poland and Top Model Universe 2017. I am also a wife, mother, founder of European beauty contests for married ladies and a model agency for girls of any age and parameters @mrs.pageant.corporation

My biggest passion is to tear down stereotypes and inspire others to do the same.I am 29 years old and I successfully work as a model in Ukraine and abroad.

My goal is to become a model on the coolest show in the world “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” after 3 years. And let everyone says that it is impossible, I know that anything is possible! The main faith, daily actions and great desire!

In my blog, I talk about model life, beauty, style, how to be “Girl in a million” and most importantly, do not betray yourself and your true desires.

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